Our Piano Showroom

Our piano showroom is filled with a wide variety of new and vintage pianos. We carry new and used grand pianos, upright pianos, and digital pianos including a full line of Ritmüller and Pearl River pianos. In addition, our selection of restored pianos are second to none. Please visit our showroom and try them out for yourself. Shawn will tell you all the details and help you pick a piano that is perfect for you.

Casey Dorrough playing “Can’t Help Falling in Love” on a 123 year-old Steinway “C” that’s been beautifully restored by Shawn’s Piano. See Casey play another piece on our home page.

“Shawn’s not a merchandiser…he won’t sell an instrument unless he’s sold on it himself. The 7′ sounds like a concert grand; the action on the upright is as responsive as any I’ve tuned, and they have a clean, clear upper register. These are wonderfully stable pianos. They really hold a tune – and then having Shawn and his staff behind them – it’s an awesome combination.”

~ R. Wilkinson